Frequently asked questions

What is WaveNation all about?

WaveNation is about giving Jeep enthusiasts a website that was built for them. As you can see in our website, we don't sell just Jeep parts we sell everything for the Jeep Lifestyle. We will strive to keep this website filled with the parts, accessories, and Jeep Lifestyle items that you require. We are a constant work in progress. Welcome to WaveNation where we believe "Its a Lifestyle Thing"!

Why am I having trouble finding certain items?

Please bear with us. We are the "New kid on the block". We are listening to you and what you want from a Jeep website. Please feel free to drop us a email letting us know what you would like to see. We will be constantly changing this site to make sure we give you what you want. If you don't see it, drop us a email and we will find it, if it exists.

What is the death wobble?

There are many different factors that contribute to the death wobble. Worn out suspension parts, tires, tie rods, steering,etc. If your Jeep tends to wander when you drive it, take it to a dependable Jeep repair shop. Usually it is a simple fix. You don't hear about it much with the newer Jeeps. This seems to be common with the CJ's and early JK's.

I bought a Jeep, now what?

First of all, welcome to the Jeep Lifestyle! Jeeps reflect the personalities of their owners. It is probably one of the few vehicles that you can totally customize and no one judges you. Make sure you join a local Jeep club. They always have rallies and Jeep drive in's. Check WaveNation website often. We will post any clubs information as well as National Jeep shows. Make sure you check out Jeepfest in Daytona

WaveNation Calendar

Make sure you check our Calendar for Local as well as National Jeep events. If you have a Jeep Club event that you would like us to share, just email us the information. We will make sure it gets put on our calendar. Also, stayed tuned for your local WaveNation events. We are always having something going on.

What is the Story with "Pearl"

Pearl is our "Rescue Jeep" as we like to think of her. We found her sitting in a pole barn in Georgia. When we saw her we knew we had to have her. We spent over a year bringing her back to life. Pearl is a 1980 CJ5. She still had the original AMC 340 V8 engine. She is more of a "Mall Crawler". She is like the Grandma Jeep with a strong kick. You can see pictures of her throughout the website. Please send us your Jeep Pics. We want to fill our website with your Jeeps.